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Things to do

The Garden Arms Hotel is the ideal choice if you are looking either for a relaxing stay in a beautiful Scottish coastal village or base to explore the wider area of North East Scotland.

Troup Head Nature Reserve

Troup Head covers about 2.5 miles of coast and has the only gannetry on the Scottish mainland, with an estimated 1,500 nests.

The best time to see gannets is between April and September. The seabird colony is best viewed from the water.
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Whisky - the water of life

Scotch Whisky is a speciality of The Garden Arms Hotel and guest are always welcome to enjoy the "Water of Life". Sampling everything from unique local malts and world famous blends. If you're not an expert, don't worry - the landlord is! And, he'll be more than happy for recommend a "nip" or two for you to try.
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Local Golf Courses

Scotland is the home of golf and within the county of Aberdeenshire there are more than 30 excellent golf courses. The landscape is so perfectly suited to golf that US Billionaire Donald Trump is building a world class golf centre less than an hour's drive from The Garden Arms Hotel. Mr Trump clearly understands that if you've never played golf in Scotland - you've never really played golf.
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We are lucky to be blessed with some of the most picturesque countryside in Scotland within a a few miles of the Garden Arms Hotel.

Why not clear your mind and fuel your appetite with a walk through some real and undiscovered Scottish countryside.
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Galleries & Museums

Gardenstown and The Garden Arms Hotel were built in the 18th Century. Not surprising then that they are surrounded by some of the finest sites of heritage and culture in Scotland.

There are dozens of galleries and museums in the county of Aberdeenshire.
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Macduff Marine Aquarium

Exciting displays lead you from the Moray Firth’s coastline down to the fringing kelp reef and out to the mysterious depths of the seafloor.

Come face to face with hundreds of fascinating local sea creatures of all shapes and sizes
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Loch Ness

Famous the world over Loch Ness is just 80 miles from the Garden Arms Hotel. Loch Ness is 23 Miles long, 1 Mile wide and averages 700 feet deep. Visitors travel to Loch Ness from around the world desperate for a glimpse of Nessie herself - the Loch Ness Monster. Maybe you'll be the next person lucky enough to catch a glimpse of "Nessie".
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