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A harbour was first built in Macduff in 1760, though at the time the village was called Doune; it became Macduff in 1783. Expansion continued through the 1800s, with fishing continuing to be central to the economic health of Macduff.

The town's principal visitor attraction today is the Macduff Marine Aquarium, at 11 High Shore. This is said to contain the deepest tanks of any aquarium in Britain, and it houses a rich variety of marine life. It also boasts a kelp reef and a wave machine, just to add further to the range of habitats on offer.

Lovers of boats will inevitably find their way to Macduff's harbour, where you can happily while away the odd hour or two looking at the boats and listening to the gulls and to the hum of a busy port.

Heading west from Macduff brigs you round Banff Bay to the valley of the River Deveron and Banff on the far side of it.